AWANA Ministry

AWANA Ministry

Join us on August 14 in the Worship Center to register for the 2024-2025 AWANA year!

AWANA is a program that reaches kids and their families with the gospel. This proven and adaptable curriculum develops leaders and disciples kids to walk with Christ for life. Here at North Central, AWANA is our chosen children’s programming for Wednesday nights.

Connect With Us

Be a part of this transformative experience every Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Need more details? Reach out to our Director of Preschool and Children at

Important things to note about our AWANA program at North Central:

  • AWANA runs during the school-year (August to May), and our nights off typically align with the local public school calendar (ex. Spring Break, Christmas Break, etc.). We have a separate programming and special events for summer.
  • Parents of Puggles and Cubbies must remain on the church campus during the AWANA program each week.


“Puggle” often refers to a baby platypus, but here, it signifies our foundational program for toddlers (typically aged 2-3). Puggles introduces them to foundational biblical truths:

  • We are God’s unique creation.
  • We are deeply loved by God.

Our teaching cards, engaging music, and diverse activities bring these concepts to life. The dedicated guidebook assists our Puggles leaders in planning. Beyond our sessions, parents receive take-home cards to reinforce daily teachings. And with T-shirts, puzzles, and coloring books, every child feels included.


Our preschool program, Cubbies, believes in two fundamentals:

  1. Young children deserve spiritual training.
  2. This training primarily begins at home.

AWANA’s Cubbies combines fun and purpose, integrating games, crafts, and more to make biblical teachings lively and engaging.


Developed for children from kindergarten to the second grade, Sparks dives deeper into God’s Word. It’s built upon the foundational teachings from our preschool levels. Children frequently find personal salvation in Jesus during their time in Sparks. The program emphasizes:

  • Core truths about God, salvation, and the Bible.
  • Consistent gospel presentations.
  • Enhanced Scripture memorization, covering over 65 key verses in three years.

T&T (Truth & Training)

T&T aims to teach and train kids from third to sixth grade. It envisions them as tomorrow’s church leaders. Key features of T&T include:

  • Comprehensive handbooks that emphasize a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Engaging characters that guide children through their biblical journeys.
  • Action-packed weekly sessions with gospel teachings, Scripture study, games, and more.
  • A robust Bible-centric curriculum promoting application of biblical truths.
  • Innovative CDs employing interactive games for teaching key biblical concepts.

T&T melds evangelism with discipleship. By its conclusion, children will have:

  • Mastered about 310 verses.
  • Studied numerous Old and New Testament passages.
  • Engaged with the gospel consistently.
  • Addressed life questions with biblical answers.
  • Undertaken mission projects to view the world through God’s perspective.